WolkeWerks Alpha

Welcome to our private launch for WolkeWerks Alpha.
We appreciate your early participation.

Request access to alpha / beta test phases for WolkeWerks Alpha

We are looking for volunteers to help us test our product as we develop it. If you would like to participate, please include your email below and we will be in touch as we near our next project milestone.

Alpha Release

Initial public facing release, where we rely on a small set of early adopters to help us grow our data set to make our machine learning smarter.

Beta Releases

Layering on new features with each release in beta stage in preparation for our full launch. We will add more participants at each stage to help us test and provide feedback.

MVP Release

"Minimally Viable Product" releases which incorporate feedback from Alpha and Beta phases. Improved artificial intelligence engine and transaction matching. More polished features and functionality.

About WolkeWerks Alpha

The consumer marketplace is shifting rapidly from pay-per-product / perpetual ownership model to a subscription as a service based model. That means more of your transactions will be recurring monthly or annually. This makes them easy to forget - especially when you are not using them on a regular basis.